Call for Abstracts

Call for abstracts

Submission deadline is 15th of April, 2021.
Submission is now open, accepting your short paper contributions!

Join us for the 7th PEF School (School on Pulsed Electric Field Applications in Food and Biotechnology), which will be held in Zaragoza, Spain, 31 May to 2 June, 2021. We kindly invite you to submit your abstract.

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Following the success of the first 6 Schools, the 7th PEF School will continue to bring together undergraduate students, PhD students, academic and industrial researchers to offer them an overview of the current knowledge and understanding of the basic principles involved in food processing and preservation by pulsed electric fields.

Principal themes:

  • Fundamentals of Pulsed Electric Field;
  • Techniques and methodology to detect electroporation;
  • Effects of PEF application in food processing;
  • Practical aspects of PEF in the food industry.

Please note that it is not neccessary to submit anything in order to register for the School, i.e. you can participate without a submission.

Your submission will be in support of your short, 5-minute Student presentation, if of course you choose to submit an abstract.

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